511.org API Rate Limit

I use the 511.org API and one question I see come up frequently on the support forum are requests to increase the number of API requests possible using an API key. The answer is pretty straightforward, the 511 API is not intended to serve as your application’s backend. If you want to serve the data to large numbers of users you’ll need to use your API key, fetch the data, cache it on your own backend and serve it from there. You can then use your API key to refresh your own cached data and serve your application.

Another question that often comes up is access to historic data which, as of this writing, the API simply doesn’t provide. I would doubt the 511.org team will offer historic data anytime soon (if ever). If you’re looking for historic data the answer would be to build your own backend and archive the data.

To request an increased rate limit, you can provide the following information to transitdata@511.org:

  • your API key
  • the rate limit you need
  • a description of the use case
  • data endpoints you intend to use
  • a brief justification for the requested rate limit