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Visual map of my hard drive

imageLately, I’ve been combing through my drive and uninstalling old bits like VS.NET 2005. I’ve been using WinDirStat which is a great tool for performing such a task and it got me wondering how other people’s drives looked. There are a few things of note in this picture (click to enlarge) and one of those is the size of my winsxs (11.8GB!) and Installer (4.1GB!) folders. I’ve Googled on these and without spending a tremendous amount of time it appears there’s not much you can do to shrink these things which is rather disappointing.

Clearly, I haven’t marked every region of this image though I’ve highlighted what I think are the more interesting parts. I’d like to know if others have winsxs folders that are this large and if anything can be done to shrink it down. It seems to me that it would eventually force a reinstall of the OS and surely seems like a place bits go to die.


Thunderbird rocks

Until fairly recently I was an Outlook Express user and had been for many
years.  I’ve now switched to using Thunderbird which is a
great mail client.  I never liked the regular Outlook client since it doesn’t
have builtin support for newsgroups which is a requirement for me and
Thunderbird fits the bill nicely.  Another bonus of using Thunderbird is that
it’s being updated regularly and in fact I’ve now installed several updates with
new features that I can immediately appreciate.  It also has some very nice
plugins like Quote Colors which
makes reading newsgroups really nice.