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YouTube videos our kids enjoy and yours might too

While this is well off my normal blog topics it’s been a hit at our house so…

My wife and I have three children (6 and under) and like all kids I know they love fire trucks. A few weeks ago with the kids sitting in my lap while looking at pictures on the computer they asked to see a fire truck so I browsed to YouTube and rather haphazardly stumbled into this video/song which the kids really enjoy. If you watch this video on YouTube you’re kids will probably also notice, as mine did, related videos with $g(Caillou) on the page and you may end up spending more time than you might anticipate.

Personally, I don’t frequent YouTube and have really only watched the occasional video as they arrive in email or via Facebook but recently I’ve found other fun YouTube videos the kids have really enjoyed:

Be sure to catch the train surfer and if you fly frequently you might want to skip the last one as will likely lead to ones like this. Come to think of it I think I had one of these landings in Scranton during this trip.

Do you have any kid favorites on YouTube?