Wrapping the Interbase sample database using ECO and exploring the model with an ECO ASP.NET auto form

Whoa, that was a mouthful. 🙂 The following steps illustrate building an ASP.NET application with
an ECO auto form
from a model created by wrapping the Interbase sample database EMPLOYEE.GDB. ECO Auto forms
provide a quick way to experiment with an ECO model from

  1. File | New | C# Projects | ECO ASP.NET App
  2. On the New ASP.NET Web App dialog set the name to be “EcoCSharpTestWebApp”
    and use IIS as the web server and click Ok
  3. From the Project Manager open EcoPersistenceMapperProvider.cs
  4. Drop BdpConnection and connect to localhost:C:\Program
  5. Drop PersistenceMapperBdp component
  6. Set PersistenceMapperBdp1.Connection = bdpConnection1 (from step 4 above)
  7. Click EcoPersistenceMapperProvider and Set
    EcoPersistenceMapperProvider.PersistenceMapper = persistenceMapperBdp1
  8. From the Project Manager open EcoSpace.cs
  9. Select Project Compile (necessary to assign
    persistenceMapperSharer1.MapperProviderType below)
  10. Set persistenceMapperSharer1.MapperProviderType =
  11. Click on the EcoPersistenceMapperProvider.cs tab and set
    EcoPersistenceMapperProvider.EcoSpaceType =
  12. On toolbar at the bottom of the EcoPersistenceMapperProvider click “Wrap
    Existing Database with Eco”
  13. On the Wrap Wizard click Next
  14. Change the PackageName to “EMPLOYEEDB”
  15. Click Finish
  16. Select File | Save to save EcoCSharpTestWebAppOrMapping.xml” (needed in a
    subsequent step below and must be saved first)
  17. Click EcoPersistenceMapperProvider.cs tab
  18. Drop a FileMapperProvider component
  19. Assign fileMapperProvider1.FileName = EcoCSharpTestWebAppOrMapping.xml
  20. Click persistenceMapperBdp1 and set
    persistenceMapperBdp1.RunTimeMappingProvider = fileMappingProvider1
  21. Add your new package to your ecospace (Ecospace designer->Select
    Packages-> add your package)
  22. File | New | Eco Auto Web Form
  23. From the Project Manager Right click WebForm2 (the new Auto form) and select
    View In Browser