Would it help if we were to at least recognize a bug even if we couldn't offer a patch/fix?

I was talking to Allen today and asking if he thought it might actually be useful if we were to make some sort of public acknowledgement of perhaps a few of the most talked about bugs from the newsgroups even in the case where we may not be able to ship a patch or update to correct the problem because of scheduling/testing/business conditions/development costs/integration issues etc. The idea being that at least people would know that we’re “dialed in” and aware of an issue that affects a good number of our users (I’m not talking about “small” stuff here). Basically, I’m talking about a “living readme.txt” if you will.

What do you think, would this help even if a patch/fix weren’t forthcoming?

Disclaimer: This idea is something I’ve had for quite some time but only now decided to post. It should in no way be misconstrued as having anything to do with any outstanding issues related to any existing Borland products. Basically, I’m thinking something more along the lines of the Cluetrain Manifesto where at least we could have some communication about the problems that are impacting people.