Works on my machine…

image Here’s a funny email exchange that occurred the other day when one of our CruiseControl.NET builds failed, at least it gave me a good laugh.
I can see it now, a version of CCTray that has various balloon hints users can  trigger when they cause a build failure like “Not my fault” or “Nice goin’ Ed”.
At Borland/CodeGear, Allen Bauer is famous for this line. There are days when I wish I had his machine.

2 thoughts on “Works on my machine…

  1. I used to use that line, too: "Works on my machine." But in my case, it was a reminder to my boss, who was always fiddling with the date on his machine, that getting a proper build done is dependent on the date and time being correct. He would inevitably test on his dev machine, change the date or time, then when I passed him an update, tell me it didn’t work, couldn’t possibly work, and that he didn’t believe I tested it.
    Eventually, I learned to first ask him to verify the date and time on his machine….

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