Windows Vista SP1 on a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp v1.3 (beta)

I just installed $g(Vista SP1) on my MacBook Pro without any problems. (knock, knock)

So far I haven’t noticed any difference though I’ll be interested to exercise the file copy improvements.

[UPDATE: Feb 15, 2008] I’ve been bitten by the “Display” problem as outlined in the Vista SP1 release notes which states (emphasis mine):

In some cases,
computers that use multiple monitors may display black screens when the
display mode is changed after resuming from sleep. This issue can also
affect laptop computers connected to an external monitor. Display mode
changes may occur in any of the following circumstances:

  • Attaching or detaching a monitor.

  • Accessing the computer remotely.

  • Changing the screen resolution or color depth using the Display Properties dialog box (which you can access in Control Panel) or an application.

  • Logging users on or off.

  • Rotating the display on a tablet computer.

To avoid this, do not use multiple monitors, or do not allow the computer to sleep or change the display mode.

If this has already occurred, restart the computer.

It actually offers these things as ways “to avoid this”! Something is seriously wrong in Redmond when this sort of problem and this list of workarounds is the first item in the relnotes. I’ve been running Windows Vista Ultimate since the day I got this machine and have been impressed that Sleep and Hibernate have worked pretty much flawlessly and had come to rely on it. In my mind, the people who put this item in the relnotes had to be thinking, this is so (pardon me) !#%*ing bad, it’s got to be listed as the first problem item. Definitely not a happy camper at this point.

I now need to try and find out if $g(Boot Camp) v2.0 included with Leopard has this problem.

[UPDATE #2: Feb 15, 2008] The problem of the display not resuming occurs regardless of whether or not a secondary display is connected.

2 thoughts on “Windows Vista SP1 on a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp v1.3 (beta)

  1. Hi Steve,
    I’m going a little bit OT but still talking about Vista file copy.
    I just read this article:
    I noticed that the guy didn’t realize that on Vista there is Windows Defender (WD) running by default.
    That makes a huge difference, since WD has a huge impact on file operations.
    WD is an application, not a system component, you can download it and install on XP as well, so in order to make a real Vista vs XP benchmark WD has to run on both systems or on none of them.
    I actually did some tests and while Vista and XP have similar perfomances without WD, Vista beats XP is they both run WD.

  2. Steve,
    When I was running the pre-RTM Vista 64-bit, I was so happy with the sleep mode, as it properly controlled everything in my desktop machine, which was a novel experience. Then I installed the RTM version, and experienced the problem you describe. I tried a number of things in the effort to alleviate the problem, but no joy.
    Interesting that in SP1, the problem has become official.

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