Windows keyboard shortcuts on a MacBook Pro

In a comment to my previous post there was a question from Shawn Oster regarding Windows keyboard shortcuts on the MacBook Pro. Here is a page from Apple’s website that pretty much explains the landscape when it comes to the keyboard. I decided to post it here because the URL is from Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide which is a PDF file and not terribly accessible not to mention that that page didn’t come up searching Google. Btw, on page 20 of this PDF you’ll find the table below as the secret to right clicking which is to simply hold two fingers down on the touch pad and click the button.

PC key command Apple external keyboard Built-in Mac keyboard
Control-Alt-Delete Control-Option-Delete Control-Option-Delete
Alt Option Option
Backspace Delete Delete
Delete Delete Fn-Delete
Enter Return Return
Enter (numeric keypad) Enter Enter
Insert Help Fn-Enter
Num lock Clear Fn-F6
Pause/Break F16 Fn-Esc
Print Screen F14 Fn-F11
Print active window Option-F14 Option-Fn-F11
Scroll/Lock F15 Fn-F12
Windows Command (x) Command (x)