Will we ever ship Zombie our internal GUI automation framework?

Zombie is not available outside of Borland and at present, not currently part of the Highlander schedule. I’ve been wanting to ship it since about 1995-96 and in fact, made a few attempts at trying to get it to become a product though, as you can tell, didn’t get very far. That doesn’t mean it will never see the light of day outside the walls here in Scotts Valley but it’s not currently on our Roadmap.

There are many people here who are well aware of the power and utility of Zombie though “productizing” it would take time and resources particularly in documenation considering it’s a coders testing tool as there are no record/playback capabilities. In fact, this is considered one of Zombie’s main drawbacks in that there really isn’t any easy way to simply record a test and play it back at least not at the present time.

2 thoughts on “Will we ever ship Zombie our internal GUI automation framework?

  1. It is unfortunate both that DevCo/Borland has not benefited as a direct result of their efforts in regards to Zombie, but more importantly that their customers have not.
    Even if Zombie is a programmer’s test framework without the ability to ‘record’ scripts, I think BDS users would adopt it along side DUnit.
    If Borland/DevCo does not think it’s a viable commercial product, what about Open Sourcing it? If DevCo is about producing tools for the developer, then why not include it with commercial BDS editions? Give your customers/developers even more reasons to upgrade/purchase.

  2. Hi Larry,
    Borland/DevCo has directly benefited tremendously from Zombie over the years and indirectly it’s customers because it’s enabled us to test the product in a deeper way than any other tool available on the market. One thing to keep in mind is that Zombie was developed in QA by engineers who also had testing responsibilities so that code is not necessarily up to VCL standards.
    As for whether or not Borland/DevCo thinks it’s a viable product I don’t there there is much doubt it’s whether or not resources will be redirected from other efforts to make Zombie shippable is the main question.
    I believe under DevCo Zombie probably has a better chance to get the necessary attention needed to make it a valuable shipping asset though that decision isn’t up to me. I’ve mentioned this to various people a number of times and will continue to push for it to be included.

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