Why runat="server" attribute gets removed from title tag in ASP.NET page

In Delphi 2005 there is a
bug which causes the runat=”server” attribute to be removed from the ASPX file.
The problem occurs as a result of the underlying MSHTML
control removing the attribute, one of the many nuances about using this
control. In fact, VS.NET 2003 has the very same problem and as such people had
come up with numerous ways to work around the issue.

Here is a
with a few pages which mention ways to work around this problem. The
basic idea is to simply avoid using the runat=”server” attribute on the the
title tag and use either a user control or an asp:literal control for the
contents of the title tag.

I suppose the next question is that if we knew what the issue was then why
didn’t we fix it for Update 1? Well, we did fix it for update one but the fix
involved a package change that would have broken resource string compatibility
causing us to further delay the update. So, for now we’ll have to live with the