Why logging bugs somewhere other than QualityCentral doesn't work

I was just reading this
blog comment where Marc talks about “tons” of bugs being logged against Delphi to some “internal
board”. My first thought was why? Why would someone not give their bug report
even a fighting chance of being fixed? In fact, it has no chance of being fixed
short of someone else running into the same problem and logging it to Borland‘s QualityCentral (QC) website.

Now, logging bugs to a forum like that is fine if you want to make sure that
the readers of said forum are aware of the bug so they can avoid wasting time
if/when they run into it, but if you actually want to give the bug any sort of
chance of being fixed then you’d better make sure it gets logged to QC

IMO, posting a bug to some private or public
forum/newsgroup/blog/wiki/website/whatever even if it’s a Borland public
newsgroup is pretty much like sending it to the bit bucket so I’d suggest saving
your time and effort. Please, post bugs to QualityCentral. Write a bug
that gives us the best chance of reproducing the problem without having you
there to help and give a good description and if necessary indicate why it’s
something we should fix so that we can prioritize it accordingly.