Why has Robert Scoble become so hard to follow?

I’m am (and now perhaps was is more accurate) an avid reader of
Scoble’s blog
but lately I think he’s lost it. Notice that the link I just
included is a Google search and not a direct link to his blog. Why? Because I no
longer know where is blog is? He’s been talking about moving it and now
apparently it’s spread across at least three or four different blog engines? Can
you make any sense of this? What
was he thinking? Was he tired or bored of his readership or is he perhaps trying
to shake the trolls that made him change his comments link to read “mudpit”. One
of his readers when so far as to create a “super feed” which is an aggregate of
all this mess. , I think it’s time you did a little “dog fooding” of your own
blog/RSS, it’s a mess.