Western Digital Customer Service reaches out regarding my MyBook Pro Edition II experience

Last Friday, while I was out in the desert (which btw was a blast), much to my surprise I got an email from a Public Relations person from Western Digital asking if it would be ok for someone from their Customer Relations department to contact me. I replied with my contact details and I just now got off the phone with someone from their CS department. They asked about what had happened and offered to pay for a card to replace the Firewire port which was burned out in the process of trying to hook up the MyBook Pro Edition II 1TB external drive which I think seems fair. The Customer Service rep gave me their personal number and email address and asked that I send them the invoice for the replacement card and they would get a check cut and set out directly.

To me, I think this really says something about Western Digital in that they are tuned into the blogosphere and reaching out to help. I haven’t decided if I’ll try another MyBook but this was certainly an unexpected but welcome exchange.

5 thoughts on “Western Digital Customer Service reaches out regarding my MyBook Pro Edition II experience

  1. And this is something they would do for any regular Joe that got the same problem?
    I don’t think so…
    I am glad for you but I doesn’t make me stand up and give standing ovations to WD..

  2. Hi PeterS,
    I consider myself a "regular Joe" when it comes to blogging. I’m certainly not an "A-list" blogger and I’ve never made it on Digg nor Slashdot so I don’t consider my blog anything more than "regular". I was definitely surprised they contacted me at all though if you search Google for "MyBook Pro Edition II" my post is currently #4 which, I’m sure, is the reason I was contacted.
    While this contact was positive it doesn’t have me running out to buy another MyBook. I tried two MyBooks and wound up with the hassle of standing in the return line twice and a fried motherboard Firewire port so no "standing O" from me either.

  3. don’t underestimate the power of the web, especially when it’s a blog by someone who stands more in the spotlight that the average joe. Ok, you’re not really a celebrity but still your blog is read by quite a few delphi users all over the world on a regular basis. You have the power to influence your readers and WD knows that as well. Just a few weeks ago I read about a new area of fraud where people are hired to post positive comments on forums under a false name. It’s a given that we consider postings to be honest because they are signed with a name (even if it’s a fake). If you write in your blog that WD disks are junk people will remember that and I guess non of your readers will ever buy that particular WD disk. Maybe they won’t ever buy *any* WD product again. OTOH your posting regarding the positive reaction of WD’s CS may leave the impression in people’s mind that WD has good support. All of these reactions aren’t based on facts, they’re based on some comment on the internet, posted by somebody we don’t even know. I don’t think so but theoretically you could have made up the whole thing. The power of the internet is huge and it’s not always a good power.

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