We could be doing better processing QualityCentral bugs

One problem I see with QC is that, at least in some
cases, we’ve given people the impression that QC is a black hole into which bugs
simply disappear. This can happen when a customer submits a bug that is left in
the system and never reviewed for months on end. This is bad.

Ok, it’s bad, now what are we doing to fix it. Well, I’ve talked to John
Kaster about getting an RSS feed from
QC which lists only new bugs. The current feed for Delphi lists any bug that’s been
changed in QC and therefore typically contains 100’s of bugs making it difficult
to wade through. We’ve been working on the Welcome page to allow it to support
custom RSS modules. Once we get the new bug feed we’ll be able to add a section
to the Welcome page (which we use heavily internally for communication) and get
these new bugs in front of QA and R&D every day. We could also use a feed
for bugs that appear to have been abandoned so that we can improve the
“freshness” of QC and make customers more happy and therefore (hopefully) more
inclined to log bugs.

Hey John, how’s that new feed coming? 🙂

If you have other suggestions as to how we can improve QC please let me know.