WARNING – This area contains chemicals…

Vacaville warning

Vacaville Warning sign

Over the weekend we drove to Chico to visit with my wife’s parents and with kids it’s usually a four hour trip with a break half way between in Vacaville but something was different. I’d last driven through Vacaville many months ago and what I noticed was this sign (pictured) on the building right outside of Starbucks. The photo was taken on our return trip though this time the sign was posted outside of Baja Fresh across and down the street from Starbucks. What’s interesting was there used to be an Old Navy in the same building as Starbucks, right around the corner but it’s now vacant and there is a CompUSA store next door to Baja Fresh but there were no cars parked in the lot on a Sunday afternoon. I suppose it’s possible CompUSA was closed on Sunday but I’m thinking that perhaps they’ve moved like Old Navy.

These buildings are the standard strip mall style you’ll find in nearly every Central Valley town so there is nothing unusual about them except now they have these warning signs. At this point, I’m really curious to know why Old Navy moved (it’s now located across the freeway I believe) and what was up with CompUSA? I’d guess the sign had something to do with it but I don’t know. I asked the cashier at Baja Fresh about it and not only was she unaware of the sign she had to ask me twice about what it really said. The signs while clear, are rather unassuming, aren’t brightly colored nor are they particularly large although they are spaced out along the front of the entire building. My wife hadn’t noticed them and admittedly I walked right by one and only later did I think to actually go back and read it. This will probably have me rethinking our rest stop choice.

What about you, do you avoid places marked like this?

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