VS.NET needs implicit closing of debugger files like Delphi

One of the features I really miss from Delphi is the option to close files implicitly opened while debugging. You know, those files that are opened by the debugger as your stepping through code. In Delphi, those files are closed automatically at the end of the debug session thus helping keep you focused on the code you’ve been working on. I was just wading through all of the open files in my current solution and trying to close files I no longer wanted open the vast majority of which were opened during a debug session. After closing 6-8 files manually I clicked on the tab dropdown and there was still a huge list of open files so my usual approach is to close all my tabs and start opening files individually again. Here is the option as it appears in Delphi, note the default is checked. I’m sure lots of Delphi developers now take this option for granted.

Delphi Environment Options dialog

I wonder if CodeGear will have this in Prism? Anyone know how/where to make a VS.NET feature requests?

[Update: Oct. 30, 2008] Thanks to a comment I’ve logged a suggestion for this feature and if this is something you would like to see as well please vote for this request. Warning, that link may require login.

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