Visual Studio Starter Kit for Facebook application development

UPDATED Nov. 6, 2008: A new release is available here.

I’ve created a Visual Studio Starter Kit for developing Facebook applications in ASP.NET using C#. This isn’t necessarily new though this post title more accurately describes the download. I’d never created a Start Kit before and in fact, it was easier than I thought. I’ve been following Internet Searches people use to find my blog and “Facebook” as a search term is certainly picking up and it seems many, many people are blogging about FB these days.

Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions for improvements.

7 thoughts on “Visual Studio Starter Kit for Facebook application development

  1. Thanks for the starter kit.
    I was able to make it work. When I run the application and log in into Facebook, I see the default Web page.
    However, on Facebook, the canvas URL I defined in my Facebook application’s returns a page not found. My application is not called. I suspect I incorrectly defined some parameters, but I have no idea what. I defined the side nav URL the same as the canvas URL.
    Any idea?

  2. Hi Jerome,
    Thanks for the comments. I apologize that I missed your previous comment otherwise I would have replied then. When I think back now I seem to recall thinking that Facebook is PHP and thus probably case sensitive regarding these URL’s though I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought of this in relation to your problem. Thanks for posting the followup.

  3. Hi,
    Is there a code in facebook using where I can get user profiles of logged user? Thanks.

  4. Hi, I have downloaded the Facebook Developer Toolkit, but the facebook service was not available when I opened vs 2008. What could be the problem? All of the other options are available such as the friendlist, profile, etc…….

  5. Hi Sheldon,
    The service does not appear on the tool palette rather it’s an object available at runtime. It’s used in my starter kit as well as the examples provided with the Dev Kit.

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