Vista SP1 resume from sleep black screen of death on my MacBook Pro

I wrestled with Vista SP1 for the better part of Friday night and early Saturday morning and after roughly a dozen or more restarts I’ve uninstalled. I rely on my machine to restore from hibernate and sleep daily and SP1 admittedly broke that functionality. I had higher hopes. This was the shortest amount of time any Windows SP has lasted for me before hitting a problem that was worse than the original, about 15 hours. I tried numerous changes to my video settings to no avail and I don’t have time to mess around with a laptop that can’t “recover” from sleep. In a comment to this post Bill Meyer clued me in to the fact that this isn’t a new problem for Vista which doesn’t bode well when it comes to hoping for a fix. On a positive note, the  uninstalled worked as advertised and I haven’t (yet) noticed any additional problems and sleep now works as it did before.

Any other MacBook Pro/Vista users experiencing this issue?

[Update: March 29, 2008] Update the link to the release notes since the original link to Microsoft’s website no longer works.

8 thoughts on “Vista SP1 resume from sleep black screen of death on my MacBook Pro

  1. That should be flagged as ShowStopper.
    Does the Event Log say anything about it?
    BTW do you have a readyboost key? I’m asking because a friend was experiencing the same problem but only when the USB key was connected.

  2. Hi Enrico!
    I didn’t review the event log before uninstalling, probably something I should have done. And yes, I was using a ReadyBoost key so that’s an interesting point. I’ve been using one for awhile now and Vista RTM has been fine. Thanks for letting me know and good to hear from you!

  3. Hi Steve+Enrico,
    I’m experiencing sort of the same issues reported by Steve.
    I have a "BlackBook" 13,3" which has been running Vista Business for about 7 months – it’s been the best Vista installation I’ve seen so far. But after upgrading to the SP1 available from MS’ licensing site, I started experiencing issues resuming after sleep and hibernation. Also when the computer is idle, it bluescreens after 20 minutes or so (I’m not sure if this happens periodically only?) Maybe I should keep it running and explore the event log as Enrico suggests.
    Thanks for sharing you info!

  4. Martin,
    I’m sorry to hear that especially considering your situation sounds worse than mine. I seem to only recall one or two bluescreens in the past 8 months of using Vista though that doesn’t count the half dozen hard resets where I lost data. As for the event log it didn’t yield any useful data for me other than signaling that there were instances where the machine failed to shutdown/boot properly.

  5. Hi Steve,
    also had the exact same problem. I disabled the Apple services (OS switch manager, Time Service) and I do not have the issue anymore. So far, I do not see many improvements in SP1…
    I have an Apple MacBook 17" 2,4 GHz, and boot with rEFIt. I nearly never boot in MacOS 😉

  6. I have the same problem. My Apple OS Switch Manager and Apple Time Manager are already disabled.

  7. Hi John,
    This problem is definitely not limited to Macs and as I mentioned was included in the release notes for Vista SP1 prior to RTM though I can seem to find any reference to that now.

  8. Just to join the team – I’m experiencing the same problem on HP Compaq laptop. Other hardware seems to resume from the hibernate, but the screen remains black.

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