Video of Delphi Code completion and code browsing features you may not know about

The other day I was talking to Nick Hodges about the videos that he’s been posting and I mentioned to him that he needed to do one on the non-automatic code completion features to give them more exposure and he told me I should do it (thanks, Nick :-)). So, I’ve created a video of some of the uses of code completion and code browsing that require the user to manually invoke.

15 thoughts on “Video of Delphi Code completion and code browsing features you may not know about

  1. Steve,
    the link to the video is using a relative path and is screwed in FeedDaemon (becomes feeds . feedburner . com / files / codecompletion.html)
    Just thought I’d let you know

  2. Dude, why did you set the movie’s height to 16777215?
    You’ve got a decent height in the object tag, so it looks OK in Internet Exploder, but the embed tag is screwed up, so the movie is completely unusable in Firefox. (Audio, but no video to speak of…)

  3. Dude! 🙂
    The height is now fixed so thanks for letting me know. I used CamStudio (an OS) app to create it so things aren’t perfect. I did get the height on the other video I posted right but flaked on this one. FWIW, I can’t hear audio in FF but perhaps that’s just me. "Exploder" (I always laugh at that) works though (at least IE6 does).

  4. I tried to watch this video in FireFox and Opera. After they both eat about 1 Gb of memory (about half of video) I have to kill them. Is it only me?

  5. The distorted height and excess memory consumption bugs are known issues in CamStudio. There are work arounds and fixes on the CamStudio page.

  6. Thank you for your effords,
    great video.. some of the features where completelly unknown for me (code completion at uses, sorting of the window) great !!! Just only one comment about the video (just a suggestion.. not a claim of course).. You should use the default camtasia html template for posting this flash movie as the timeline of the video works. In your template the timeline does not work.

  7. Thanks for the video. Ditto what Lluis said. BTW Vlad is right. These web swf movies if they are in higher resolution tend to fill up the memory pretty fast. Open up the page and watch the VM meter rise in Task manager.
    Did you try with Windows Media files? Windows Media Encoder 9 has a screen capture mode which is as powerful as any of the swf capturing utils, plus the file size is considerably smaller, and the memory usage is negligible. Oh, and resizing of the movies does not produce tearing artifacts such as those in swf files.

  8. Dang it, how long has THAT been there.
    Ugh, I wish I had realized about the code completion in the class, esp. the multiple select a LONG time ago. That saves a TON of time and typing.
    It all works in D7 except for the uses clause and adding interfaces to the Class( statement. (Well, that and templates, of course)
    you forgot ctrl-down to compliment ctrl-up (jumping from declaration to code and back again) – I can’t live with out ’em!

  9. Steve,
    if you’re ever looking for more exotic features to demonstrate:
    – incremental search in the editor (Ctrl+E)
    – keyboard navigation of Object Inspector (Ctrl+Tab, Tab, ., backspace, incremental search)
    – reorganizing components with Drag&Drop in Structure Pane (OK, not *that* exotic, but probably nice for newbies)

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