Using Vista's Speech Recognition

This is a new blog post using Vista’s speech recognition. I just purchased a Logitech 350 USB headset which enables me to use speech recognition to write blog posts. This should be an interesting experiment to see whether not speech recognition will allow me to write without using the keyboard.

Recently, Scott Hanselman blogged about speech recognition where he mentions using it for writing blog posts and e-mail. It seems like an interesting idea if it actually works. Of course, I’m sure you’ve seen the videos where windows speech recognition fails miserably.

I just started using Vista’s speech recognition and it seems to work surprisingly well. It will be interesting to see if it improves over time as I dictate new text as it says.

Have you tried it? How did it go?

3 thoughts on “Using Vista's Speech Recognition

  1. Thanks for the observation
    I was reminded of Opera Voice Commands . We experimented with Dragon Software for dictation 8 years back and gave it up.
    I am excited about reusing the same for documentation under vista.

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