Using SessionSaver in Firefox 2.0

My favorite addin for $g(Firefox) is SessionSaver which saves/restores all of your browser tabs (among other things) each time you shut down the browser so you can easily pick up where you left off. Firefox 2.0 added a similar feature but lands far short of the usefulness of SessionSaver. Ever since I upgraded to 2.0 I’ve been watching to see SessionSaver would be updated but I hadn’t found anything until I read through all of the comments on the here. There is a patch for SessionSaver available allowing it to work in FF 2.0. It’s a good thing because I’ve been considering moving back to FF 1.5 just to get SessionSaver back.

5 thoughts on “Using SessionSaver in Firefox 2.0

  1. Actually, Firefox 2.0 can be set to restore every session just as you left it, as SessionSaver does. Just go to Tools > Options > Main > Startup > When Firefox starts: and choose "Show my windows and tabs from last time." The option is obvious once you find it, but I and others have missed it until told about it!

  2. Hi chonhart,
    You’re right Firefox added a feature like this in 2.0 but as I mentioned in this post it really falls far short of SessionSaver. If you like the tab restore feature in Firefox, trust me you’ll like SessionSaver.

  3. Chonhart,
    The restore feature built into Firefox 2.0 is nice and works for the most part, but in cases like the one I was just in where I lost all of my tabs (and some were rather important), I really need the control that sessionsaver offered. As opposed to just hoping that your tabs will be saved.
    Firefox 2.0 has a great idea, they just need to expand upon it in future releases.

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