Using Microsoft's Windows RSS Platform from IE7 in Delphi (Win32)

Recently, Microsoft introduced the $g(Windows RSS Platform) which allows you to programmatically manipulate RSS feeds for use in your own applications. I’m a big fan of $g(RSS) and thus this new platform interested me. Thankfully a Microsoft blogger named Walter vonKoch was kind enough to post the RSS Platform MiniSDK including the type library msfeeds.tlb that we can easily import into Delphi. Big thanks to Walter for posting this!

In the interest of completeness I used the tlibimp utility that ships with BDS to import the type library using the following command line:

tlibimp -Hr- -Hs- -Fe- msfeeds.tlb

Here is a Delphi Win32 project I wrote which is likely the quickest/dirtiest RSS reader you may ever run into but it illustrates my point which is to use the new Microsoft Windows RSS Platform from Delphi nicely. Disclaimer: I quickly hacked together this application with the sole interest of using as little of my time as possible leaving the details as an exercise for the reader. A few important points:

  • The imported type library unit is included in the download
  • The unit was imported using the tlibimp from Highlander so please let me know if you run into any issues compiling it with earlier versions of BDS
  • To run this demo you must have IE7 installed

Lastly, should you write something really cool using this platform please let me know I’d love to hear about it.


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