Using Google Maps from VCL sample application

VCL application using Google Maps

As promised, I finally got a chance to clean up the code and wrap up a nice little example of calling into and out of the WebBrowser control hosted in a VCL application. The code is available here. Be sure to read this post as well as this post for additional details. If you find this of interest you’ll also want to check out this post from Allen Bauer as well as this post from Marco Cantu.

The source code of this example uses the same Automation.pas unit that Allen distributed with his code.


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2 thoughts on “Using Google Maps from VCL sample application

  1. Steve – I appreciate you posting this. It is potentially a very handy thing to have, but I’m having trouble compiling it in D7. It looks like the TAutoObjectDispatch class has moved on… any chance of having some pointers on what I’d need to do to get it working?
    Incidentally I really enjoyed your three lists of Delphi wisdom – they made me investigate several bits of Delphi more closely and reminded me of some other useful things that I’d once known but forgotten about. I even printed them out so I could circle a few to investigate further.
    Best of luck to you at Falafel.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Great idea, and it really works! Delphi 2007 does the thing, but I have the same question as Richard S asked. I cannot seem to compile it using Delphi 7. Does this trick work with D7 at all?

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