Using FeedBurner's MyBrand feature and regaining control of my RSS feed URL

Since last October I’ve had my RSS feed hosted by FeedBurner which has worked out well though one down side is that my feed URL wasn’t on my domain, at least not until now. A few weeks ago I blogged about FeedBurner PRO services that are now freely available including MyBrand described as follows on the FeedBurner website:

MyBrand lets you use your own domain name to host your feed instead of It puts you in even greater control of your own content with FeedBurner and best of all, MyBrand is now free.

Below I outline the steps to get this setup on DiscountASP.NET (my hosting provider) but you should be able to do the same sort of thing on your host if you control your DNS settings.

  1. Login to your DiscountASP.NET account
  2. From the control panel under Tools & Utilities, select DNS Manager
  3. After reading, click “I Understand and Agree” on the warning page 
  4. Click the link to select the domain you wish to modify, in my case
  5. In the CNAME Record Manager section click “New”
  6. Under the Domain Name column enter the prefix you wish to use for your domain’s feeds. I used “feeds”
  7. Under the Destination column enter
  8. Click “add”

The screen should look something like this:

CNAME editing

Be aware that changes to CNAME records may take some time to propagate so you may want to wait a day before trying to access your new URL. In fact, I’ve done this and have updated my RSS feeds to use my own domain name. Don’t worry, if you’re already subscribed you don’t have to change anything as the old FeedBurner URL will continue to work.