Use Google Site Search to find items on CodeGear's CodeCentral website

I’ve noticed what I believe could be a problem with how CodeCentral handles the $g(HTML title tag) for entry pages. I’ve blogged about the importance of the title tag and I’m certainly not alone on the subject. In CodeCentral the title includes the ID for the entry like this:

ID: 24211 Delphi for .NET example using AJAX.NET Pro

I think the colon adversely affects the search results on Google. For example, take the following Google search (click the link to see the results):

Delphi example AJAX.NET Pro

I fully expected to see the CodeCentral entry I mentioned but it’s no where to be found. Likewise when searching for:

ID: 21679 Query Microsoft Index Server Using Delphi

I tried the following search terms:

Microsoft Index Server Delphi

Once again, CodeCentral isn’t listed leading me to this following conclusions. First, don’t use a colon in your title tag. Second, if you’re looking for items on CodeCentral you may have much better luck using a Google site search like this:

Delphi example AJAX.NET Pro

4 thoughts on “Use Google Site Search to find items on CodeGear's CodeCentral website

  1. [Ignore if duplicate]
    I assume "no where to be found" equals page 6, no? 😉
    I already use site: extensively, but I can see it’s a nice advice for those not yet using it… (BTW: I didn’t scan through all the result pages! I used 4NT and a simple batch with wget to get the pages then a find in files…)

  2. I’ve sent the colon to "sleep with the fishes", and I’d be very interested to hear how you fare when searching CodeCentral articles on Google in future.

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