Upgrading to BlogEngine.NET v2 on discountasp.net

I’ve been testing a v2.0 install of BlogEngine.NET for quite awhile but first had to get this problem fixed and fortunately, a contributor to the community blogged a response (thank you). While the solution was pretty straightforward having moved completely to OSX back in October getting setup to simply recompile the core BE assembly was a little more involved requiring a VM etc.

For me the single largest benefit is the addition of recaptcha for reducing comment spam which in recent months had grown completely out of control though there’s plenty more to like about the new version.

To make the upgrade I installed BE v2 in a new directory on my discountasp.net account and copied my post data and images over to the new install. I also setup my extensions and theme and got all the various bits in place before pulling the trigger. Once everything was ready I tried to rename my /blog folder using $g(FireFTP) which resulted in an “Access denied” error. It turns out that I hadn’t removed the IIS application from the /blog folder via the control panel. Once I did that I was able to rename /blog to /B515 and replace it with my new v2 install folder.