Upgrading from BlogEngine.NET v1.5 to v2.0

Warning: If you’re not a BlogEngine.NET user you may want to continue looking for other interesting stuff on the intertubes.

I’ve been running BlogEngine.NET v1.5.1.28 for quite some time with a number of extensions I’ve either added or written. Additionally, I created a custom theme and including things like a ScriptCombiner and SyntaxHighlighter, the later of which is included with v2.0. In order to move to the v2.0RC I’ve been slowly upgrading in a separate directory and I’m using this post to keep track of the changes required to upgrade.

Beyond the upgrade steps here I had to make a few minor changes to some of my widgets. Primarily the problems boiled down to adding a few using clauses:

using App_Code.Controls;
using BlogEngine.Core.Web.Extensions;

As I’ve already mentioned I’m really looking forward to the improved comment handling.

I’m updating this post as I go so last night I tried to pull the trigger on the upgrade only to realize that I’d made a tweak to the BlogEngine.Core assembly to change the URL handling. Previously, when I upgraded from dasblog I needed to preserve my URLs and BlogEngine.NET uses the format /blog/post/postname.aspx which for me means I have to get rid of /post as that’s not compatible with my old URLs. After restoring my v1.5 version I’m now working to isolate the changes I made October 2009 and patch v2 so I can upgrade. I only wish I’d included a bit more detail at to exactly what I changed. 🙂

Btw, thanks to the group of people working to maintain/upgrade BlogEngine.NET.