Updated blog theme and layout: Take two (thanks Inkscape)

I’ve been in crunch mode at work for awhile now ng to get Delphi 2007 to RTM and my wife decided to take the kids and head to her parents house for the weekend since I was working. So, with it being so quiet around the house at night I decided to once again it was time for a theme change.

A few noteworthy items:

  • I’d like to thank BittBox for the beginnings of the banner I used above (I did the lettering and the swoosh) using $g(Inkscape).
  • Over the weekend my site was added to the main page of CodeGear.com so I thought it was time to tidy up a bit. Thanks CodeGear!
  • Lastly, this particular theme has relatively minor tweaks to the actual layout, it’s mostly color changes, which took about an hour all thanks to CSS

4 thoughts on “Updated blog theme and layout: Take two (thanks Inkscape)

  1. Nice Banner… I like it a lot !!! I did not dared to tell you that a black background is to strong (no racism here :-)) I like the clean aspect you have now on your blog… great 😉

  2. It’s looking better every time Steve, keep it up!
    My feedback would be that the sidebars kind of dominate the real content (your articles). Maybe reduce the font size and tone down the blue (links) color?

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