Updated blog layout and color scheme

After nearly three months of a black/dark grey theme I’ve updated my blog with some layout changes and a whole new color scheme. Drop by, have a look and let me know what you think.

One tool I used quite a bit for the new color scheme was this Color Contrast Analyser which I think worked pretty well allowing me to improve the overall contrast on my site. The only thing left is to update my site icon colors.

21 thoughts on “Updated blog layout and color scheme

  1. This color theme is slightly less stressing for my old eyes but still hard.
    In IE6 the text content is way down starting where the "monetized" icon is. The situation was same with the previous color theme too.

  2. C Johnson,
    Thanks for letting me know. Looks like IE6 was the problem as I tested it in IE7 and FireFox 2.0. I’ve now tested it in IE6, IE7 and FireFox 2.0 and it seems to look ok now.

  3. In my IE7 the heading "Tuesday, January 23, 2007" starts after the Disclaimer text. So it starts pages down from the top!!
    It does not display this behaviour in FireFox.

  4. Steve -> Still getting huge ‘whitespace’ at the top using IE7 under XP SP2. Using the IE7 developer toolbar, it shows you have your divs listed in leftcolumn, rightcolumn and then centercolumn. I suspect if you change the order everything should be fixed.

  5. C Johnson,
    Ok, stupid question, are you sure your IE cache doesn’t need refreshing? I tried reproducing the problem on a number of machines today and it all looks fine. Anyone else seeing this problem?

  6. Thanks Ryan,
    Well, that’s a real bummer because I’m not seeing it at all. The layout seems identical for me in both FF and IE6/7 on WinXP SP2. I’ll ask around at work tomorrow. I’ve just made a few tweaks to the CSS but again the layout here looks correct. FWIW, I’ve got IE7 v7.0.5730.11

  7. I updated my Firefox to 2.0 few seconds ago, but the trouble is the same:
    it show the left and right cols, but in the middle it says:
    ‘An error has been encountered while processing the page. We have logged the error condition and are working to correct the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience.’
    In IE6, it shows the page waaaaaaaaaaaay down.
    Best regards,

  8. Steve- What ever you tweaked, it’s working great for me now, and no, I cleared my cache on the page a few times (my first reaction when I see weird things esp. css changes)

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