Update on the Parcel Tax Effort February 6 2012

Below is a message from the Save Our Schools effort in Scotts Valley:

As you may have heard, the District is going place a Parcel tax measure on the June 5th Ballot.  100% of the money will go to our Scotts Valley Schools, it will be used entirely to support the classroom, and it cannot be taken away by the state.  Further, senior citizens and those receiving SSI for a disability may exempt themselves.    Save Our Schools Scotts Valley is a non-profit that we have organized to help ensure that the Measure passes.  To help us pass this measure, we need your help with the following:

  1. SAVE THE DATE: MARCH 9th, from 6-9pm at BRUNO’s  BBQ in SV.
    We are holding a campaign KICK-OFF PARTY March 9th, upstairs at Brunos.  We are hosting an event to raise awareness and support.  Please save the date, and we will send more information in a couple weeks.
  2. Send us 10 emails of people that will support the Measure
    Help us build our group of supporters.  If you forward this on to 10 of your friends, and copy us, we can expand our group.  We want everyone in Scotts Valley to be informed about the Measure, and understand why it is important to support.
  3. Visit Our Website www.SOSSV.org , and add your name!
    Finally, visit our website, www.SOSSV.org and sign up to volunteer, endorse the measure, get a yard sign and even make a donation.  We need your help!