Update on my switch to BlogEngine.NET

While I updated my blog awhile ago I thought I post an update as to how my conversion when and mention a few of the things I had to do to convert. BlogEngine.NET (BE) has been a refreshing break from dasBlog and the ASP.NET v2.0 design of BE is so much more enjoyable to work with. Porting my theme was a no brainer and while I had several hurdles in order to actually move it has been well work the effort.

For example, my blog now loads much faster, pages are now compressed, and login problems are a thing of the past among many other benefits. Some of the issues I faced in the move included:

  • Moving my posts and comments
  • Preserving the dasBlog style title-based links to my posts
  • Preserving non-post articles I’d written
  • Porting dasBlog’s macro for quickly linking text to a BE Extension

I first tried using a dasBlog provider but eventually decided against that approach as it would have prolonged the aforementioned comment loss issue. Eventually, I settled on a minor change to the slug (URL) handling for BE coupled with a dasBlog URL rewriter which handles various redirects and any referrer related issues as I find them. Additionally, I added the blocked IP logic from dasBlog to BE allowing me to cut down on spam attacks (at least a little).

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