University of Maine Black Bears back in the NCAA Frozen Four Hockey Tournament

University of Maine Black Bears

Once again the $l(University of Maine) (my alma mater) Black Bears are back in the $g(NCAA Frozen Four Hockey Tournament). I grew up in $g(Maine) and for me, playing hockey was just part of being a kid. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to live 3 miles from campus and some of the best college hockey in the country. Since I moved to California I’ve been to a few $l(San Jose Sharks) games and, nothing against the Sharks, but I just don’t enjoy the NHL like I do good college hockey.

Fill the steins to dear old Maine.
Shout till the rafters ring!
Stand and drink a toast once again!
Let every loyal Maine man sing.
Drink to all the happy hours,
Drink to the careless days.
Drink to Maine, our Alma Mater,
The college of our hearts always.
(what’s that?)

Go Black Bears!

Hey Dan, where’s them Badgers anyway?

5 thoughts on “University of Maine Black Bears back in the NCAA Frozen Four Hockey Tournament

  1. Personally, I think hockey is coolest game on ice (to borrow an NHL marketing slogan). In our scrub group we have a former Canadian MP, 74 -75 years old, and he still gets up and down the ice. Great camaraderie, good exercise.
    My friend (we both live in Thunder Bay) went to a UMD Bulldogs game in Minni. a couple of weeks ago, and he said the building was nuts – hockey, fans, high school and college bands – he said he has never seen anything like it.

  2. Hey Bill,
    I couldn’t agree more, college hockey is such a blast. The atmosphere is so much fun with the bands and the small close arenas. Here is a picture of the Alfond arena at UMaine. The house I grow up in is visible in this photo (if your browser window is large enough).,-95.712891&sspn=54.489258,62.753906&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=16&ll=44.904067,-68.673885&spn=0.012037,0.015321&t=k&om=1
    It’s such a place of energy and excitement I really miss not being able to attend games. I’d be a season ticket holder if we were living anywhere close.

  3. Steve —
    I couldn’t agree more about College Hockey vs. the NHL.
    I’m a Minnesota Gophers fan myself. I see they came up a bit short this year.

  4. Steve, Thanks for the map. The area looks a bit like Thunder Bay – not too crowded.
    The local university team, the Thunder Wolves, always packs the largest local arena, which holds about 3,500, I think. The team usually has local component to it, so the fans can relate to the team.
    It must have been a bit of a "culture shock" for you guys to move from northern U.S. to CAL.

  5. Hey Bill,
    You’re welcome! The Black Bears would frequently invite a high school band to play with the University band for that "local component" and I too think that was really effective. The Alfond used to be a rectangle and they pushed the side out and turned it into a cross (which is what you see in the picture). The building is very impressive and the inside even more so. The roof has multiple "peaks" and looks like a bit like a mountain range. Hey, I just found this picture:
    and this one:
    My Dad is a Civil Engineer who work on this project and the last time I was home (a few years ago) he gave me a tour of the facility since I hadn’t been there since before the phase 2 construction. It’s really a beautiful building. There is a very interesting story about how the roof was constructed and I’ll see if I can get my dad to write it up and post it here.

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