Ubuntu in VirtualBox on OSX

UbuntuI’ve been wanting a VM to mirror a production front end machine I’ve been working so I can more closely replicate the production setup as well as test configuration options and different software versions. I’ve installed Ubuntu 10.10 on VirtualBox (v4.04 r70112) and wanted to mention a few items for those who might run into similar issues.

Package Updates

The first item is updating ~300 packages immediately after the install which included numerous security updates etc. Trying to perform the update from the Update Manager window resulted in the error “Important security updates requires installation of untrusted packages” and wouldn’t proceed. Turns out the answer is to use System | Applications | Synaptic Package Manager and not the Update Manager which is what appeared by default.
Synaptic Package Manager

Screen Resolution

After installing the default screen resolution on the VM was 800×600 which is just too small considering I have 1920×1200 pixels to work with. For this issue, Google yielded this fix which is to install build-essentials using the Synaptic Package Manager mentioned previously and restart the machine. Next, install the VM Guest Additions:
VM Additions
Then in the VM select Places | Home Folder, click on VBoxLinuxAdditions.run and click Open Autorun Prompt.
Ubuntu Home Folder
At that point, the monitor was recognized correctly and screen resolution changes were enabled.
Ubuntu Monitor Preferences