Trying to get to PDC '05

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I’ve been lobbying to get Borland to send me to Microsoft‘s PDC this year but it’s not looking too good so I
thought I’d take a shot at winning a free trip from
so I’ll apologize in advance to those of you who read my blog

The Why

I think I deserve the trip because I’m in a fairly unique
position working on a Windows development tool that lots of people use which
allows them to leverage Microsoft technology. How many people can say that? The
more I know about MS technology the better I can help our team develop and
implement creative ways to make Microsoft technology more accessible to our
customer base.

The Benefit

It would be a unique opportunity to see first hand from
Microsoft itself as to why this new technology is important and give MS a chance
to get me jazzed about it (which I’m sure they’ll do based on my previous PDC
’01 experience) and in turn incorportate development support for it in Delphi.
As an example, I now work on ASP.NET support in Delphi and C#Builder.

Keeping up with the latest technologies Microsoft’s implementing in Windows
is incredibly important when you work on a Windows development tool and PDC is
simply a great place to step away from the keyboard, learn about new technology
and think about ways to make leveraging that technology easier for our customers
which is what Delphi is all about.

It would also give me a chance to hang out with any ex-Borland Microsoft
employees which is always fun.

The Sharing

So, here’s how I’d share my PDC trip:

  • As arguably Borland’s most active blogger I’ll blog about it, of course!
  • I’ll go over the session schedule in advance and find out what sessions
    developers here think would be most useful and plan my attendance based on how I
    can help as much of our team as possible. (btw, in 2001 I skipped only 1 session
    timeslot the entire week and yes by the end of the week I was exhuasted from
    walking the conference hall)
  • Upon returning from the conference I’ll prepare and present an All Hands
    talk with the team to discuss what I’d learned, answer questions and let people
    know how and where they can find out more.
  • I’d work to ensure Delphi continues it’s tradition of allow our customers to
    leverage Windows technology faster and easier than ever before.
  • Lastly, I’d get some sleep and recover from information overload.

So, if you happen to work for Microsoft and your
reading this post for the contest please, help me help you and send me to PDC so
I can work on cool new features that will help Borland’s customers utilize all
your cool new technology.

Whew, I’m glad I don’t have do to this every day!