Trigger exception logging now supported in Cruisecontrol.NET

A little over a year ago I wrote a post expanding on a problem I was having in CCNET where exceptions thrown by a Source Control  Provider wouldn’t trigger the build publisher meaning there was no easy way to see something went wrong. Well, it took awhile but persistence paid off and thanks to Ruben Willems, who works on CCNET, a recent check-in has addressed this problem. Working from suggestions included in my patch he developed a more complete solution, after several iterations, that deals with a number of build status issues among other things. In case you’re interested the details can be found here and here.

Aside from the details you can now rest assured that if your Source Control Provider throws an exception the build publisher(s) will execute to let you know. Additionally, a new project property was added allowing for control over the number of exception that can occur before the project is simply stopped called maxAmountOfSourceControlExceptions which you’d use like this:

<project name="ProjectName" maxAmountOfSourceControlExceptions="3">

Again, big thanks to Ruben for his time and effort!