Topping 1,000 RSS subscribers is perfect time to say thanks!

FeedBurner subscriber count

Today, April 16, 2008 according to FeedBurner my blog topped 1000* subscribers! I think that makes it a good time to say thanks to all those who have subscribed. So, Thank You!

I started blogging June of 2004 on Borland‘s blog server which eventually morphed into CodeGear blogs. In October of 2006 I decided to “go it alone on and shortly thereafter started using FeedBurner to track subscribers. Here’s a graph of subscriber count:

Graph of subscriber count over time

Here’s a graph of the matching Google Analytics over the same period:

Google analytics for

In early 2007, there was a bunch of activity surrounding Borland’s CodeGear announcement not to mention I was featured on CodeGear’s home page for awhile.

Lastly, what would a post like this be without the obligatory call to action…

If you haven’t already, Subscribe now!  🙂

* – Btw, I fully grok the fact that FeedBurner’s count may not be entirely accurate but it’s a fairly standard metric widely used on blogs so I’ll take it.