Tools for performing file backups as suggested by blog readers

In a previous post I mentioned using MS’ SyncToy for file backups and there were a bunch of comments with additional solutions I thought worth mentioning and linking to. Thanks to all those who left comments. Here are links to these tools:

Thanks again to all those who responded.

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7 thoughts on “Tools for performing file backups as suggested by blog readers

  1. I should have mentioned it earlier, but I use Nero BackItUp. I already own the Nero suite for its other tools. BackItUp has many features and satisfies my needs. I have it run backup jobs On Idle to a USB HD drive on the network, hosted by Windows, not a Linux-based NAS solution. There is a Nero BackItUp running on the server to mirror the primary network drive to a backup.
    And if memory serves correctly, I think some of the Nero suite is still written with a CodeGear tool.

  2. Have you tried foldershare? I backup stuff from multiple machines to a single xraid based machine. I can also use it to share pictures/video with my family 8 hours away in a different time zone, just drop files into a folder and the next time they logon they start copying from my server to their machine.

  3. Davey,
    I’ve added Cobian to this entry as well as to my Delphi Open Source wiki page.
    Thanks for the link. I take it Backup Machine isn’t on SourceForge or anything?
    I’d be really interested to hear more about your setup. Can you expand on your configuration both hardward and software? Feel free to email me at strefethen at codegear dot com.

  4. Steve,
    >>Thanks for the link. I take it Backup Machine
    >>isn’t on SourceForge or anything?
    Nope, none of my apps are on SF.
    All my source code is available on
    Here are a few more:
    Screen RULER
    Access / SQL Server Database Explorer
    Network Traffic Monitor

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