Tool for testing Facebook FQL queries

When I first created my Facebook Starter Kit one of the Facebook features I was interested in playing with was $g(FQL). Back then Facebook had an online tool for testing FQL queries which is no longer available from their tools page. Fortunately, one of the features I’d added to my Starter Kit app was an FQL page which allows you to test FQL queries and provides both your UID and a list of all your friends along with their UID.

To access this page simply add my Facebook application to your account and click the FQL link on the main page.

If Facebook has simply moved the FQL test page I’d love to know where it’s hiding. I found another FB app that supported FQL testing but it’s been shut down and I’m curious as to why since that page mentions a change in the API that caused a problem.

Update Dec 12, 2010: I found where Facebook’s FQL test page is “hiding” though I just happened to stumble into it.