The Delphi Team is Hiring

Thought it was worth mentioning that the Delphi team has several development
positions open here in Scotts Valley. Unfortunately, I don’t see these positions
listed on the Careers section of the Borland website. We’re looking for engineers
interested in working on the IDE as well as the compiler. These positions are
not entry level and require in depth knowledge of software development. If
you’re interested feel free to use the contact link to the left and provide me
with your real email address and relevant experience and I’ll make sure the
information gets to my manager.
Updated: Nov. 16, 2005

I’ve gotten a number of emails
and thought it worth mentioning that yes, the positions are located here in
Scotts Valley, CA. I’d guess that while remote work could potentially be
possible it’s probably extremely unlikely. So, if you aren’t looking to relocate
then these positions probably aren’t what you’re looking for.