The Delphi community rocks!

I’ve had IDE menu Accessibility on my todo list and I’ve recently finished
the implementation. In order to test my changes I decided to try and find
someone who could really put them to the test. I searched Google and found this
message. I fired off an email, got an immediate response from an enthusiastic Delphi customer who happens to
be blind. Now, I just want to say thanks to Mike Terry for helping me really put
the test to the new ActionBand menus Accessibility support. It’ll be in the next
release of Delphi. Thanks Mike!

Btw, yes, I know there is more work to be done and I’m investigating several
other ares of the IDE for Accessibility support. Also, I intend to revisit this
post where I initially started discussing what it takes to support MSAA
particularly now that I know my implementation works.