Techmeme helping drive traffic to sensational c|net blog post

How is it that blog posts like the one below from Matt Asay on c|net’s can become a top headline on Techmeme? Is this sort of headline grabbing BS to be expected now that CBS owns c|net?Techmeme story 

I’m not going to do it justice by linking to it so if you want to you’ll have to search. I believe this story and headline were written for no other reason than to generate traffic for c|net. Mr.Asay is clearly out-of-touch with the Windows software development world if he actually believes the data he’s referring to. Couple that with the fact that companies like CodeGear and tools like Delphi can go a long ways towards alleviating the pain of moving to a new version of Windows by changing their runtime frameworks to help either adopt or mask the differences between versions allowing developers to continue to focus on the task at hand.

Fortunately, a number of comments in reply to the post are appropriately taking him to task. Of course, the downside of all this is that it accomplishes c|net’s goal of driving traffic to their site.

I’m not sure of the selection criteria for Techmeme but it just took a step down in my book.

3 thoughts on “Techmeme helping drive traffic to sensational c|net blog post

  1. No searching necessary. You linked to the author’s page, and it was the third article down.
    So, did you have a problem with the survey results, or, like all the commenters at the story, just with the author’s interpretation of the survey results and with the headline-writer’s interpretation of the story?

  2. Rob,
    My main complaint is Techmeme allowing this sort of crap to float to the top of its headlines. I have the web clip module of Google Desktop and this article came through there via Techmeme. IMO, Microsoft has delivered and continues to do so on Ballmer’s albeit ridiculous "developers, developers, developers" speech with the amount of work their putting into dev tools and .NET. I worked on Delphi from 1994-2007 and during all but that last few years it was practically easy to complete with their IDE’s. At this point, its practically impossible to complete with VS on .NET and I doubt we’ll see 3rd party tools that can come close any time soon. I’m impressed with the quality of VS.NET and .NET continues to grow in new and interesting directions on multiple fronts.
    Btw, I removed the link to the author’s name I mistakenly thought it linked to his bio when I glanced at the URL.

  3. Wow, what a steaming pile of wasted bits by Matt Asay. Now I remember why I stopped reading Your post got me so ticked off, I had to join in the fun on my blog.

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