What has been the effect of layoffs on Scotts Valley Unified over the years?

The district has released data reflecting the impact of many years of consecutive cuts.

2.5 School Custodians
1.6 District Maintenance
0.4 Transportation
0.5 Business Office
2   Library Clerks
0.75 Secretary/Clerical (0.25 each at MS, HS & District Office)
0.5 High school campus Supervision
3.5 Instructional Assistants - General Ed
15  Elementary teachers
2.9 Middle School teachers
7.6 High School Teachers
1   Elementary School Counselor
0.4 Middle School Counselor
0.6 High School Counselor
0.5 Assistant Principal


Why not demand teacher retirements?

What incentives are in place for teachers to retire?

Can volunteers come in and help with the library, custodial, etc. positions that have been cut?

What is the relationship between the Superintendent and teacher union leadership?

How much is saved if school staff take a 1 or 2 day furlough?

One furlough day for the District office is roughly $11,000 and one SVEA furlough day is $50,000 for the entire district. These numbers are based on conversations I (Steve Trefethen) have had with the district office employees during the 2010 Strategic Planning meeting. Dr. Silver was also quoted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel regarding the $11,000 figure for the District Office Staff.
The SVEA (Teacher’s Union) has voted against furlough days for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 whereas the District office took two furlough days in 2009-2010 and will take an additional two days in 2010-2011. The district office has indicated a willingness to take additional days in 2010-2011 if the SVEA were to take furlough days.
Recently the Scotts Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) sent the following email to the district outlining the severity of the cuts required to avoid the expected $950K shortfall for 2011-2012. Notice the impact of furlough days on the teacher’s union.

What can be done to solidify the alliance between the board, superintendent, and teachers?

How are teachers holding up with the larger class sizes? 

How can we get more classroom aides (or whatever we call them now)?

What is the cost to the district for retiree health benefits?

A study was done by Total Compensation System regarding retiree benefits for SVUSD. The results have been publish by the district here. As you can see from these results retirement benefits for current employees is currently (Jan 2011) not being funded which will cost the district more over the long term.