SVUSD Personel cuts 2005-2010

The district has released data reflecting the impact of many years of consecutive cuts. Sad.

The community needs to find ways to engage people, what do you think will do that?

Note: Fractional numbers represent a reduction in the number of hours for the specified position. Whole numbers represent individuals.

2.5 School Custodians
1.6 District Maintenance
0.4 Transportation
0.5 Business Office
2   Library Clerks
0.75 Secretary/Clerical (0.25 each at Middle school, high school and District Office)
0.5 High school campus Supervision
3.5 Instructional Assistants - General Ed
15  Elementary teachers
2.9 Middle School teachers
7.6 High School Teachers
1   Elementary School Counselor
0.4 Middle School Counselor
0.6 High School Counselor
0.5 Assistant Principal