SVUSD Itemized List of Potential Cuts for 2011-2012

The following is a letter from SVEF with an itemized list with associated costs of things that would potentially need to be cut to close the projected shortfall of $950,000 for 2011-2012 if a parcel tax measure is not passed. The letter is reproduced below in it’s entirety (excluding personal email addresses):


SVUSD Expenses – Items that would be cut if we don’t raise $950,000 for 2011-12 School Year

Dear Parents and Friends of Scotts Valley Schools,
No one needs much of a reminder about the terrible fiscal shape California is in.  Public school districts are being especially hard hit — and Scotts Valley Unified is no exception.  Already one of the lowest-funded K-12 districts in the state, we are constantly challenged to provide the best for our students. As enrollment declines, expectations for student achievement are raised, reporting requirements are increased and funding per pupil decreases, these challenges become even greater.  Since 2007, the district has gone from a budget of $19 million to $16.4 million. This has resulted in layoffs of personnel, loss of student programs, less maintenance and custodial support, fewer teachers and larger class sizes.
The worst is yet to come.  Next year, 2011-12, the district must make additional cuts of close to $1 million dollars, which we will be expected to maintain for 2012/2013. Over the course of the coming months, the Board of Trustees will be considering, with community input, the following cuts.  None of these will be easy to make.  

< td align="left">Eliminating all but ONE counselor
Actions Estimated Saving
Closing all four libraries $55,178
Closing the high school Career Center $9,197
Reducing accounting personnel at the District Office $12,504
Eliminating grades 6-12 music program $65,000
Reducing site clerical staff to one-third time $76,927
Eliminating a custodian $37,380
Eliminating SVMS academy and increasing class size* $144,960
Adding 5 academic furlough days (5 fewer days for students)* $265,017
Adding 5 furlough days to certificated staff (non-student days)* $200,178
Adding 5 furlough days to administrative staff* $26,835
TOTAL SAVINGS $1,080,937

The items starred are subject to negotiations with our teachers union and bargaining units.  Please understand the list identifies two kinds of furloughs – non-teaching days (furloughs) and teaching days which would shorten the school year (academic furloughs).  Administrators would take the same number of days as other staff. To meet our financial obligations, these cuts would need to remain in place for at least TWO YEARS.
I’m guessing right now you’re as angry as we are.  These cuts follow a decrease in state funding of close to $1000 per student in the last four years. In previous years, we managed to develop a balanced budget by cutting positions, services and programs at the district office and all school sites.  We eliminated positions and hours of administrators, teachers, counselors, the district nurse, instructional assistants, custodians, secretaries and more. We have increased class sizes at all sites. All administrators have voluntarily taken furlough days to help balance the budget. Experts predict that we will not be back to our 2007 funding level until 2013-14. 
What can you do?  Make an immediate tax deductible donation to the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation, where the money will go directly to our schools to save programs and positions.  Join the Ed Foundation in its quest to identify and apply for grant money, or support the variety of fundraisers the Foundation has scheduled each year to support our schools.  If you know of a business willing to sponsor a child, a family or an entire program, please reach out to them.  Your company may support matching donations; please ask your HR department about such a program.  If every family in our district donated $365 per child, we would reach nearly $970,000.  To date, the program has raised $30,000.  

$ a day table 2

Donations can be made on the SVEF website at  Or send a check to Scotts Valley Educational Foundation, 245-M Mt. Hermon Road, Box 150, Scotts Valley, CA 95066. To volunteer with the Ed Foundation, contact Katie Bagley or Mary Dettle.

Charlotte Multer and Allison Niday
Current and Incoming Presidents, SVEF

Clearly, this is not a list anyone can be happy about and unfortunately part of the difficult job the staff at the District Office is tasked with.