Subsonic DAL now backed by Microsoft

I first mentioned SubSonic, a .NET DAL framework, almost a year ago in a post discussing my decision regarding a DAL framework for use in an ASP.NET project I was working on. When I made my decision Subsonic was in it’s very early stages of development but peaked my interest nonetheless. I think it’s interesting that a little over a week ago I decided to use SubSonic for a project at work and now Rob Conery, Subsonic’s primary developer, has joined Microsoft to continue development as part of the new MVC framework.

If you haven’t looked at SubSonic, it’s well worth a try particularly if your database consistently makes use foreign keys allowing for the generated object model to provide deep navigation capabilities for lookup field values etc. I’m working on a large ERP system with a database of 300+ tables and generating a SubSonic assembly took only a few minutes. At any rate, it’s always nice when an OS project you’ve chosen receives this sort of backing offering at least some reassurance.

[UPDATE: Jan 10, 2007] Fix spelling of Rob’s name.

3 thoughts on “Subsonic DAL now backed by Microsoft

  1. MSFT killed a few open source projects with its free alternatives (MSBuild vs. NANT and Sandcastle vs. NDoc). So I doubt whether this time MVC framework will take place of SubSonic.
    CodeGear is apparently more friendly to OSS community by contributing to PHP community with VCL for PHP.

  2. It’s funny, I believe it’s that blog post you wrote that got me to check out SubSonic and ever since I’ve been suggesting it to other developers as well as a keeping tabs on Rob’s great blog. I think MSFT is lucky to get Rob as he seems to code for the joy of it and isn’t shy about being inspired by other languages and ways of doing things as well as actively engaging the SubSonic userbase for their feedback.
    It seems all the bright lights over at MSFT, at least the ones I respect, are rather excited about the ASP.NET MVC framework and I’ll looking forward to sinking my teeth into it.

  3. Li,
    Have you looked at SubSonic? It’s very nice and ScottGu has posted about it more than once so I think the odds are that he’s fairly interested in it particularly when you read Rob’s blog post.
    I would disagree that CodeGear’s release of VCL for PHP defines it as being more friendly to OSS but rather it being a product requirement to be taken seriously by the PHP world. Not to mention that VCL for PHP wasn’t actually written by CodeGear but rather the company that CG worked with to produce Delphi for PHP.
    I couldn’t agree more. Rob seems like an interesting guy with an equally interesting approach to software. I believe we’ll be seeing more from Rob in the future which is a good thing (TM).

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