Submit errors and losing all the text in HTML form memo fields

Have you ever spent time and in some case a considerable amount of typing an email or any paragraph of text for that matter in an HTML memo field only to click submit and be greeted with an error page. You tap the back button to return to the form you just submitted and find your memo text is blank! In my case, the simple one line edit fields still have their submitted value but the memo field(s) are blank. That kills me.

My new blog engine, DasBlog, suffers from this very problem. I login, add a new entry, get called away, return to finish up and click “Post to weblog”. I’m greeted with an error page stating something like “You cannot access this page” as a result of my login session timing out. Someone has already logged a bug on the duration of the login session for DasBlog being too short here. But to me the killer problem is the loss of my content. At the very least, I’d expect the error page to include a memo that contains the text of my blog entry and a label reading “BEFORE YOU LOSE ALL THIS TEXT COPY THE FOLLOWING MEMO TO THE CLIPBOARD”.

I know this isn’t really a DasBlog problem and I think web browsers really should have some built-in mechanism to deal with this situation generically. Perhaps there is some FireFox extention that does this and if so, I’d love to hear about it.

Btw, while writing this entry I was called away twice.

2 thoughts on “Submit errors and losing all the text in HTML form memo fields

  1. Opera is very good with this. I don’t think I’ve ever lost the content of a memo when using the back button with Opera.

  2. Hi Lachlan,
    Thanks for the reply, I last looked at Opera probably a little over a year ago though it was only briefly perhaps it’s worth another look.

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