Source code and screenshot of my Vista Demo application on Windows XP

I got a few comments regarding the Vista Demo application I blogged about so I thought I’d answer those as well as provide the source code.

> stanleyxu: A small question: is it a 100% Vista-like user interface?

The new Vista UI introduces lots of changes not all of which are supported in Delphi 2007. Delphi 2007 is binary compatible with BDS 2006 which means some of the additional support will have to wait for a release where interface compatibility isn’t a requirement.

> gabr: could you release a full source for that?

Absolutely, here you go. Here is a screenshot of this exact same executable running on Windows XP:

VCL application with Windows Vista Aero UI support

The project itself has only two lines of code setting DoubleBuffered := True on the two controls located on the Glass area of the form. You can load and recompile this application in BDS 2006 and just click Ignore all to the message regarding unknown form properties (which are new in Delphi 2007). Just be sure to install the demo Shell Control components first.

5 thoughts on “Source code and screenshot of my Vista Demo application on Windows XP

  1. I seem to have a problem with you code it is trying to open a Unit12 and there is none in the zip.

  2. hi, how can to add the Shell Control to the palette? i has make a package, after it i add the shellctrls.dcu file, compile it and install but nothing happens

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