Should the default layout of our next Delphi release look like Delphi 7?

I’m seeing a bunch of comments where people simply prefer the Delphi 7 layout over the new embedded
designer layout and it makes me wonder if our next release should use the D7
layout by default. Personally, I now like the embedded designer layout more than
D7 but admittedly it took me awhile. Every time we’ve changed the appearance of
the IDE we’ve succeeded in raising the ire of a number of people most of whom,
after a fashion, typically agree that the new changes eventually grow on them to
the point where they like them better than the old. But, our latest changes were
by far the most dramatic and it seems perhaps we may want to reconsider what the
default layout for our next release is going to be.

Thanks to some previous comments like this
we know we’ve got some work to do to improve the floating layout so that it
works more like D7.

So, let me know, what would you like to see the default layout of the IDE be,
like D7 or like D2005?

[Updated July 13, 2005]
Wow, thanks for all the feedback, based on this entirely unscientific “survey”
it looks like our decision to move to the single window IDE style was the right
move. Oh, and no, I won’t/can’t comment on any dates for upcoming releases.