Setting the version number for a CCNET build

I’m working on a custom EDI solution and generally build CCNet from the command line. Recently, I wanted to up date the build of CCNet and wanted to be sure the version number was set correctly. Since I’ve had to look this up a few times, as I never seem to recall the steps I thought I’d post them here.

This assumes you have a complete SVN tree of CCNET on your machine.

  1. Start a CMD prompt
  2. CD to the directory where CCNET is located
  3. Edit and change the following line setting the “value” attribute to the desired version # (ex: 1.4.4):

    <property name="CCNetLabel" value="1.4.4" overwrite="false" />

  4. Build from the command line using the createAssemblyInfo target:

    b.bat createAssemblyInfo

  5. From the command line using the all target:

    b.bat compile

This will build ccnet with the specified version number.