Sessionsaver's snapbacktab feature in Firefox 2.0

I’ve blogged before about the sessionsaver add-on for Firefox but I didn’t mention one of it’s best features called SnapBack Tab. Basically, it’s a menu item that gets added to the tools menu with a popup that contains a list of the last 10 tabs that you’ve closed. So, if you’ve accidently closed a tab all you need to do is select Tools|SnapBack Tab|a) <tab name> and voila your tab is back with it’s entire browse history and everything.

In case you missed it, here is a post that lists my favorite Firefox extentions.

9 thoughts on “Sessionsaver's snapbacktab feature in Firefox 2.0

  1. glob,
    Ah, that’s good to know. I rarely use History these days with the ability to have multiple tabs open so I never look at that menu. 🙂 Sessionsaver still beats FF’s built-in support for sessions though.

  2. Take a look at TabMixPlus. IIRC it’s session manger is the continuation of your SessionSaver and it’s even more convenient and powerful to use. Instead of having to go through two levels of menu you can just place a button on a toolbar which will display the dropdown directly. Even better: to reopen the last closed tab just middle-click on an empty area in the tab bar.

  3. Watch a normal user and you’ll see they close tabs and windows by accident all the time.

  4. Anyway, just want to plug Opera here. Features like this is why I really like it, many of the most popular plugins in Firefox are default in Opera (and were copied for Firefox), great browser with great compatability.

  5. > Sessionsaver still beats FF’s built-in support for sessions though.
    agreed 🙂
    > You find that accidently closing tabs is a big problem??
    i accidentally close tabs all the time 🙂
    a quick way to restore a just-closed tab is to right-click anywhere on the tab-bar (including on an existing tab), and select "undo close tab".

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